Our mission is to engage people in spiritual transformation through deepening intimacy with the Trinity, and we believe that true spiritual transformation takes place in the context of an honest, authentic community of people who love each other enough to be transparent and accepting.

Our community groups of 8-12 people strive to be that authentic, honest, and transparent community that encourages each person in the group to know how much God loves and cares for them, and encourages each other to greater intimacy with the Trinity, with each other, and with others.

Sunday Community – Sunday Community is designed to be a natural place for new people to join in and become involved in the wider church body.  These are medium-sized adult groups that meet 11:15am  on Sundays at the church for fellowship, Bible study, prayer, and/or service. Current groups include:

  • Growing Families: Growing Families is composed of married couples in the 20’s and 30’s, some with children and some without, that meet together upstairs. Led by the ever youthful Rick and Beckie Hinze, this class studies and fellowships together. Contact Rick for more information at
  • Devotional Classics: Join with others to learn from great Christian devotional writers each week along with relevant biblical passages and group discussion questions. Devotional classics is a great opportunity for those looking for a deeper and more spiritual life.
  • Sunday Morning Conversation: All are welcome to circle up and continue in the passage from the sermon through study, prayer and community.