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Weekend Services

Sunday Worship Service at 10:00 am
Community Classes at 11:15 am

What To Expect

Trinity Chapel strives to provide a welcome and comfortable atmosphere for all who attend.  Jeans, shorts, casual shirts, and flip flops are all common on Sundays.  This goes along with our desire to foster an environment that is welcoming to all, including the unchurched that may not be familiar with traditional church “etiquette”.  Our music is contemporary and our worship team creates an atmosphere for worship that is both inviting and contemplative.

What Are Trinity Services Like? 

Rather than seeing Sundays as the most important thing we do, we see our worship services as an entry point.  If you’re new to Trinity, chances are good that the first thing you’ll do is come on a Sunday,  but know that what happens on Sunday is a reflection of what happens throughout the week as people get equipped, go deep in community, & serve according to their passions. Sunday, then, is a culmination and celebration as our body comes together to praise God & grow together. Each worship service at Trinity Chapel is based upon the eternal, life-changing truths found in Scripture. The teaching style will focus on challenging people to learn to know and love God, live in authentic community with others, and love others.

What About Kids?

Here’s how it works on Sunday Mornings:

  • Register your child at the registration desk in the Children’s Wing. (on your right when entering the building)
  • Hold on to your pick-up tag (you cannot pick up a child without the pick-up tag).
  • A host will direct you and your child to the classroom. 1st-3rd Graders will join their parents for the first half of the 10am service.

INFANTS AND WALKERS:  For children between birth and toddler ages. Snacks are provided for older infants and toddlers. Please bring: Diapers, wipes, change of clothes, pacifiers or comfort items, bottles or cups, and feeding and allergy instructions. PRE-SCHOOLERS:  For children between ages two and five.  The curriculum we us is David C. Cook’s Tru BlessingPlease bring: Pull-ups or diapers, bottles or cups, and feeding and allergy instructions. ELEMENTARY: For children 1 to 3rd grade. Kids will join the adults during the first half of our 10 am service. This is a great opportunity to worship together with their parents and the community. Just before the sermon they will be dismissed to their own time of Bible training.  If your child has a Bible, he or she can bring it; if not we have plenty! The curriculum we use at the 11:15 hour is David C. Cook’s Tru Wonder. Saying Goodbye: After completing the check-in process, bring children to the appropriate room, wave a quick good-bye and continue on to the worship service. As you know, it is normal for a child to cry when left in an unfamiliar place. We’ve found that separation becomes easier over time as children grow comfortable with the classroom. Our volunteers reassure children that you will return after the service and work hard to create an engaging and safe feeling environment for every child. If your child cries for longer than 15 minutes and cannot be comforted we will come and find you in the location listed on the nametag. STUDENTS: Students in grades 4 through 12 will join with the rest of the community for the entire 10am worship service. Age appropriate classes are provided upstairs at the 11:15 hour.